Advent Scripture Devotions: Not Your Ordinary Advent Devotion! Join In!

Gretchen Passatino Coburn is a member of St. James church and heads a ministry called “Answers in Action”. She has been in ministry for some 40 years and brings deep biblical knowledge and appreciation of church history and the gospel-aspects of Christian holidays as she offers an Advent series of Scripture Devotions.
You are invited to join in!

Advent Scripture Devotions is neither your ordinary Advent Devotion nor your ordinary Bible or small group study. In this short, focused weekly gathering Gretchen will discuss subjects such as:  Why doesn’t the Bible give the date of Christ’s birth? Why did the early church choose to celebrate it on 25 December? How does the Old Testament prepare us for the coming of Christ? Do the 12 Days of Christmas fit in there spiritually somehow?

Advent Scripture Devotions will take place on three Tuesdays on December 3, 10, and 17 and will be held the Costa Mesa home Gretchen shares with her husband Pat Coburn. Recognizing the
busy schedules of many during Advent, the study is just one hour –
from 7 to 8 pm – but there will be much good learning packed
into the short 60 minutes!

The Coburn’s address is 858 Joann Street in Costa Mesa and you may email Gretchen at
or call her at 949.290.2819.

Please join in!

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  1. Here’s the focus from last night’s study:

    At its core, Advent is a very real but intangible intersection of the eternal with the earthly, the divine with the human, the Eternal Now of God’s Sovereignty over the transience of fallen creation.

    In connecting with God through the events, actions, scriptures, & relationships of Advent we not only declare “YES!” to God’s plan, we enter into that very real plan & the “wet paint” of God’s kingdom restoration “rubs off” on us, permeates our worldly “clothing,” & infuses some more of that transformation that God begins with our conversion & has promised to continue until “the day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6).

    To add another metaphor, do you want to get infected with God’s Spirit? Rub up against God’s possessions, breathe in God’s Spirit, shake hands with God’s people, eat God’s food. We have ample opportunity to become part of God’s epidemic during Advent!

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